Our Mission : is to ensure waste paper in the nature to be recycled, to contribute the legacy of a better environment left for our children, to provide for the needs of the packaging and cones/tubes industries, with a competitive edge to both for our company and our customers.

Our Vision : is to set our company as an example in the paper industry in terms of confidence, prestige and customer satisfaction and continuously improving quality and capacity.

Our Principles : • Becoming a company which is trusted in every field, • Continuous self-improvement, • Establishing a physical and institutional structure in accordance with contemporary standards, using advanced technology and systems, therefore producing quality products, • Implementing ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System, respecting human being, environment, and nature. • Communicating with employees in a clear and understandable manner. • Prioritizing continuous training and development at all levels.

Our Quality Policy :

To improve our products and procedures continuously, and to fulfil the requirements of quality management, in order to meet the needs and expectations of;

Our customers, through quality,

       Our Shareholders, through efficiency and competitiveness,

              Our employees, through the work environment and conditions,

                      Our society, through respect for laws, and environment-friendly approach.