Environmental Consciousness

A thoroughly environment-conscious body, our company recycles waste package products which have no economical value as is, making use of 100% waste paper as raw materials, reclaiming such resources for the national economy.

In order to meet the waste paper need of our plant, there are three paper collecting and seperating facilities named Aksu Çevre Danışmanlık Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. (AKDÖSAN) in İstanbul, Adana and Erzurum with Collecting and Separating Facility License issued by Ministry of Environment and Forestry. Waste papers that we received from aforementioned facilities as well as those we buy via our suppliers in various provinces to recycle decrease the amount of wastes going to landfills in our country, while preventing the cutting of nearly 4 million trees per annum.

In order to satisfy the electricity and steam needs of our plant, a coal fired co-generation facility was opened in year 2003 in our K.Maraş plant. In 2012, second natural-gas fired co-generation facility was put into use in recently-established Kütahya plant. As a consequence of our consciousness for energy efficiency, we also voluntarily take part in the ENVER project in the province, striving to leave a better and habitable country to next generations, while trying to contribute to the strengthening of the national economy.

Feeling responsible due to such an environment-conscious stance, and the will to leave a better environment to future generations are the motives behind the construction of waste-water treatment facility with a capacity of 6,000 m³ per day, which was opened by the Minister of Environment and Forestry, Mr. Veysel EROĞLU, in 2008 and started to produce paper in our second plant in province of Kütahya as well as commencing the waste water treatment facility capable of 4,000 m³ per day. These facilities treat the waste water released from the production process, making it harmless for the environment. Moreover, they also reclaim a large portion of this waste-water for re-use in the production. Hence, a substantial contribution is being made to the preservation of both national and Global water reserves, which become more and more precious each day.